Why TTE?

The Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription

Meetings, interviews, conference calls, and Webinars are essential to doing business—and to get the most out of your communications. It helps to have an accurate written record, but it’s difficult to focus on a meeting when scribbling notes or fumbling with recording devices.

Many professionals need their meetings recorded and transcribed quickly, economically and confidentially. Having a partner working offsite to capture content and create an accurate transcript offers you the freedom to concentrate on what you do best.

What Makes TTE Unique

TTE’s quality assurance guidelines enable us to guarantee 99.5% accuracy as compared to the industry average of 98%. That extra 1.5%, an average of 3–4 fewer mistakes per page of text, is made possible by extensive editor accountability, education, in–depth documentation, and thorough research. Because we get it right the first time, you can confidently request turnaround times of 3, 6-8, 12, 24 or 48 hours.

Our editors use a performance measurement checklist to ensure the most accurate report possible, drawing from numerous online and offline reference materials to determine proper spelling of names as well as company– and industry–specific terms. On each job, we add to a virtual library of terms and information about your company and industry. In short, we literally become fluent in your business.