3 Steps to Starting Your Conference Call Transcript Right

Preparing and planning ahead for a conference call is just as important as what happens on the
call itself. And the same can be true for the transcription process of a conference call. As a client,
taking the time to plan ahead for terminology, names, and formatting can save costs and increase
the overall efficiency of the process, as well as result in a more professional and complete
document. Here are three simple steps you can take before the conference call to help start the
transcription job right.

1. Give the transcription vendor a written list of any unique, unusual, or industry specific
terminology you anticipate might be used in the call. While many terms are easily
searchable online or in other reference documents, others may not be searchable at all.

2. Provide a speaker list to the transcription vendor (with the names spelled correctly of
course). Having the list before the conference call starts can make it easier to match
voices with names, especially if the speaker has a strong accent.

3. Discuss any special document formatting needs with the transcription vendor as soon as
possible and before the call is scheduled to take place. It’s easier and more cost-effective
to do things right the first time.