Captioning Roundup: FCC Compliance Dates and More

An accessibility issue for consumers and now a requirement for many businesses’ products and services, closed captioning has been highlighted in several TTE blog posts over the past few months as TTE has added captioning to its suite of services. In our “Hearing by Seeing” post we explored the distinctions of subtitling and captioning. Project ideas were included in our “Embracing Captioning – The Who and The How” post. And in February, a United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announcement was the basis for our “FCC Approves New Captioning Rules” post. The FCC has now released the effective dates and compliance deadlines for its closed captioning Report and Order and Declaratory Ruling, as well as comment deadlines for the Further Order of Proposed Rulemaking. Key 2014 dates include April 30 and June 30. For additional details and dates, a link to the FCC’s notice is below. We’ve also got some more project ideas for you in this post, and captioning continues to be in the news.

Update on the FCC’s New Closed Captioning Regulations

More Captioning Project Ideas

  • Fundraising – caption YouTube and website videos
  • Marketing, advertising, and promotion – caption commercials

In the News

  • Legislatures captioning hearings and sessions
  • Theaters adding captioning technology and capabilities
  • School districts providing captioning