Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) and IdeaScribe: Speak What You See

Crime scene investigation is a daunting job; every bit of evidence at the crime scene can give clues to solving the case and catching the perpetrator. Naturally, you want to record your observations down on paper. However, focusing on your notebook and then looking up and refocusing on your crime scene may cause you to overlook a vital detail when you first come on the scene. We have a solution for you:

Speak your observations into your cellphone using our IdeaScribe service. IdeaScribe lets you tie in directly to our secure servers and record your observations without ever taking your eyes off of the scene. Once you have finished recording your observations, we will generate a highly accurate transcription of your recording and deliver it directly into your inbox in the format of a Word document. You can then cut and paste the information into your report or use the publication quality transcript by printing it out and attaching it. Case solved!