How to Record and Transcribe Your SKYPE Conversations

SKYPE, the popular and preeminent VoIP communications service, offers you a great solution to communicate with one or more individuals globally for free. What they do not offer directly is a way to record your important conversations and have them transcribed. So, how do you record and transcribe SKYPE conversations?

First, Choose a Third-Party Recording Application

There are several third-party applications that allow you to record your SKYPE conversations and save them as a digital file on your computer. Here are a few of the more popular ones:

  • IMcapture (formerly SkypeCap) – offers both PC and MAC users the ability to record either the audio, the video or both on both sides of the conversation. Allows you also to schedule recording conference calls if you have a conflict. ($49.95, free trial)
  • ecamm’s Call Recorder – designed specifically for MAC OS/X, this application allows users to record the audio and the video and offers a couple of options for video capture. ($19.95)
  • PAMELA – offers PC users a free version to record audio only and a premium version to capture both audio and video. PAMELA Pro offers a multitude of options including call scheduling and automatic recording. (free or premium $29)

Next, Transfer Your Recording to Your Transcription Company Electronically

Now that you have captured your conversation and saved the file to your computer, your next step is to get the recording to your transcription company. Most transcription companies offer several ways to send a recording directly to them:

  • Email Attachment – send smaller files as an attachment directly via email
  • Large File Transfer Service – use a digital transfer service like YouSendIt, ShareFile or SendThisFile to transfer larger files to your transcription provider
  • FTP Transfer – transfer your file directly to the transcription company via their FTP server
  • Web Service – transfer your file through the transcription provider’s website

TTE customers can email their files to:

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