How To Use Transcription In a Law Practice

Recently, many in the legal community have asked us for advice on using transcription services for a law practice. Here are some suggestions on ways to use transcription:

    1. Witness Interviews – use a quality digital recorder or phone in using our dictation server and record the interview, then receive a transcript for use in litigation.

  1. Depositions – you can have both legal teams present at a deposition and agree to have it digitally recorded and transcribed.
  2. Dictate Pleadings and Case Notes – using IdeaScribe, you can dictate your pleadings and email the transcript to your paralegal for formatting, or have case notes transcribed and inserted into the client’s file.
  3. Conference Calls – have your digital recording of a conference call transcribed so that all the words of the call are captured on paper for reference.
  4. Webcasts – have your webcasts transcribed so that all participants can receive a written detail of what was discussed for review.

In our next blog, we will discuss some best practices for dictating legal material to ensure that all of the information is clearly and concisely recorded for transcription.

How do you use transcription in a legal practice? Give us your ideas by commenting below.