IdeaScribe® App Offers Convenience, Versatility, and Mobility

Have you ever sat in traffic searching for an effective way to remember something? Do you wish someone else would take detailed notes in a meeting so you can focus on the big picture, key thoughts, and meeting nuances? Have you found yourself wanting to be able to quickly and easily refer back to a transcript to strategize and plan projects? TTE’s IdeaScribe app makes it possible.

And in our digital world, apps are the answer for many people. Pew Research Center’s Pew Internet and American Life Project November 2012 report The Best (and Worst) of Mobile Connectivity gives a glimpse into cell phone owners’ opinions and preferences. According to this report, two of the best things people like about owning a cell phone are convenience and using the Internet, e-mail, or apps.

Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, IdeaScribe delivers mobile audio capture and transcription upload at the touch of your finger. Whether you are capturing audio from interviews, meetings, dictations, or more, simply push a button on your mobile device to record and then tap again to upload the file to TTE for transcription. Use IdeaScribe in office or on the go – wherever you need it. Completed transcripts come with TTE’s industry leading 99.5% accuracy rate. For the busy student or business professional, convenience and ease couldn’t be any easier – or more mobile. Click to learn more about IdeaScribe.