No Hidden Surprises with our Transcription Service

Recently, one of my computers was infected with a virus. What was most surprising, even shocking, was that this computer had an up-to-date anti-virus program by one of the larger manufacturers. However, this program did absolutely nothing to stop the advance of the well-known “Anti-Virus System Pro Software” virus, which has been floating around for many months and produces scads of pop-ups with various distasteful windows and prompts one to buy their software. Not only did this anti-virus software from this company (Company 1) not have a recovery CD available to try and thwart the virus, but their customer support line urged that you purchase additional services to the tune of $79.95 to have their technicians actively cleanse your computer and rid it of the virus.

Enter another large manufacturer of anti-virus software, Company 2. For a little more than one-half the charge of Company 1’s technical services, you could buy a 3-PC subscription CD at your local Sam’s Club. After a very brief internet search on the virus and the download of a tool that kept the virus at bay, Company 2’s software loaded up quickly, renewed its anti-virus definitions, and tackled the virus quickly and decisively. All for the price of the original software purchased. Company 2’s software performed as promised, at the price promised, with no hidden charges.

We at TTE offer you the same peace of mind as that of the second software mentioned above. You will always know what you are being charged for your transcription in advance and we do our very utmost to deliver the finished product to your Inbox within the turnaround time we promised. Just like Company 2, our company is built on consistency, quality and dependability at a price that is competitive, all with no hidden surprises.