The Power of Transcription: Making Your Past Speeches Work for You

So, you have given many, many speeches and you have all these recordings stored on CD’s or taking up space on your hard drive. How can they benefit you now?

You can put your speeches to good use by having them transcribed. Transcription not only allows you to have a written record of your presentation, but gives you the flexibility of editing redundant information or mistakes. Once you have edited the content in the transcript, you can copy the information and publish it as an e-book or a white paper. You can even make it a part of an online curriculum. Best of all, you can charge for your publication and create an additional revenue stream.

If you have given a number of speeches on various topics, you can publish the transcripts on your website as a bonus to event attendees who want more in-depth information or would like to read your thoughts on other matters. These readers may then quote you directly (and accurately), straight from your transcript, giving you even more exposure and a larger audience. As your popularity grows, so will your number of invitations to speak in other venues, and your business will continue to grow too.