Transcription: A Gift of Time

People buy gifts throughout the year, but in December the pace picks up. What does gifting mean
to you – expense, necessity, duty, nostalgia, generosity, fun, creativity? Is it something bought or
something made? Is it for yourself or for others? Are the best gifts tangible or intangible? Maybe
it’s a combination of all those things – and from the least expected places.

Transcription: A gift of time. Often transcription is a service thought about only in the context
of business and getting a job done, a task completed, or a check-mark on the to-do list. Yet, its
by-product is the gift of time. A gift that you simultaneously give to yourself and others. Think
about it. Letting a specialist in transcription type the business report means you have time to
invest in the people you work with or to focus on your using unique skills and expertise for a
better company, product, and working environment. Dictating your holiday letter for someone
else to transcribe means you can spend time shopping without being stressed or engaging in a
festive activity with the people you care about instead of hours in solitary typing.

TTE’s IdeaScribe®, a mobile audio capture and transcription upload app for the iPhone, iPad,
and iPod Touch, puts the gift of time at your fingertips. The nominal $2.99 purchase price
includes a $30.00 credit towards TTE’s transcription services. Purchase it yourself or gift it to
someone else through an iTunes gift card. The gift of time – for yourself and others.