Transcription Technology That Will Change Your Life

Have you ever been sitting in traffic and have wished, “I really need something to write these thoughts down on.”?

Or, have you sat in a meeting and wanted to record what was being said so that you can get a transcript of some very important information being conveyed?

Well, soon you will be able to do all that, and more.

You are just weeks away from being able to download transcription technology that will change your life.

Introducing the IdeaScribe app: software for your smartphone and tablet that will revolutionize the way you capture important ideas and conversations. With just a few presses of menu buttons on your iPhone, Android-phone or iPad, you will be able to record your thoughts, research, memos, letters, interviews and important conversations directly to your device, and then upload it to us for transcription. We will return a 99.5% accurate transcript directly to your email inbox.

And the best thing about it is that IdeaScribe will be as mobile as you are. No matter where you will be, IdeaScribe will be right there to capture the audio for you.

So wish no more for pen and paper when you need it most. Sign up for updates on IdeaScribe’s release and you will be the first to know when it becomes available.

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