TTE Transcription and Wendy’s Double Stack: Great Values

You may be thinking to yourself right now, “Self, what does this burger have to do with transcription and translation?”

The answer is: directly, nothing.

However, this burger, which happens to be a Wendy’s (r) Double Stack, is a great value. You can buy this burger as shown for 99 cents in most markets. But the REAL value is in knowing that you can also add mayo, lettuce and tomato for free. So, for just under a dollar, you get a lot of burger. Now that is a great value.

We at TTE Transcripts are all about value, too. We love giving our customers many ways that they can save money while still getting the most service for their buck.

Did you know that we can save you an average of 40 percent off the cost of transcription offered by conferencing companies? By making us one of your attendees at your next conference, we can record the entire audio directly onto our dictation servers and provide you with an expertly transcribed and highly accurate written record of what was said at your meeting. This works even for web meetings powered by WebEx and GoToMeeting.

“But why buy a transcript at all?” you might ask. Well, here is where the real value comes in. By having a highly accurate written record of your meeting, seminar, interview or deposition, you will always have the information at hand to ensure that there are no costly misunderstandings that might trouble you down the road. (By the way, did I mention that our accuracy rate is 99.5%, the best in the industry?)

So, the next time you are looking for real value, get your hamburgers from Wendy’s (r) and get your transcription from us here at TTE Transcripts. Both will leave you feeling satisfied that you got the most bang for your buck.

(Wendy’s is a registered trademark Oldemark LLC.)