Update Your Blog on the Go

In her latest post “7 Ways to Get More From Social Media in 2010“, blogger Lisa Barone states that you must make time for social media and plan for it in order for it to be effective. However, many SMB owners and managers are too busy running with the day-to-day activities of their business to find the time to update their blog.

Let us lend you a hand. Use our IdeaScribe service to update your blog on the go. By simply dialing in and recording your thoughts, ideas, rants or praises onto our dictation servers, we can supply you with a written transcript in MS Word .doc format sent back to your email when you need it most. IdeaScribe is ideal for the busy businessperson on the go; whether sitting in traffic, traveling to a convention, or multitasking, you can now use our technology to keep your social media projects up-to-date. Try IdeaScribe and let us know what you think.