Using Transcription: Focus on Academics

Transcription is a great tool for securing a written record of academic lectures, conferences, seminars, research and interviews. Whether you are a time-starved student, one with special needs, an educator, or a busy professional continuing their education, transcription can save you precious hours and free you to concentrate on learning.

Focus on the speaker, not taking notes

Studies have demonstrated that, on average, people only grasp 50 percent of what they hear and after two days they can only recall 25 percent of what they heard. These percentages hold true regardless of the situation or circumstances.

By having lectures, speeches, conferences, seminars, and interviews transcribed, you can keep your focus on what is being said and not be distracted by taking notes, further reducing your retention. Simply use a digital recorder or your smart phone to record the speaker and submit the audio file for transcription. Then you will have captured 100 percent of the information for later use.

Research more, write less

Research is an integral part of completing your thesis, dissertation, and research papers. Record your research notes to a digital recording device and submit your audio for transcription. The transcript will be sent to you in an electronic document (such as MS Word .doc) format so that you can cut and paste the information you need into your paper.

Plus, you can submit handwritten notes, pictures, graphs, and other visual aids with your audio file and have all of the information integrated into your transcript. Transcriptionists are adept at placing the information in the correct place on the page.

Secure grants with less hassle

Part of academia is the writing of grants to fund valuable research.  However, writing a grant can be a time-consuming and stressful endeavor.

To make it through all of the government guidelines and red tape, dictate your information and send the audio to a transcription company.  Then cut and paste the information from the transcript onto the grant application.  In no time, your grant application will be completed and ready for submission.


So, use transcription as a time-saving tool to secure a written record of all your academic audio events.   Many transcription companies even offer dictation technology and student discounts.  Be sure to ask about special services and offers that are available.