Using Transcription: Focus on Interviews

Are you a human resources professional interviewing candidates for a job, performing an exit interview or disciplinary warning to an employee; a market researcher interviewing focus group participants; a news journalist interviewing interesting people about the latest news story? Whatever your industry background, interviews are important for gathering strategic information to help you make decisions. So, how do you get this information out to the decision makers within your organization? Have the interview transcribed.

Transcription offers you a word-for-word written account of what the interviewee said, allowing you to use the information in many ways. Do you have multiple managers in multiple departments spread throughout several offices? Just email each a transcript of the interview. Need to meet a story deadline? Just cut and paste parts of the transcribed interview into your story line.

Recently, a nursing association started using transcription when interviewing candidates for upcoming board memberships. Each current board member needed to interview several candidates. The problem: the current board members were spread throughout the country and could not meet with each candidate. The solution: each individual interview was transcribed and sent to all board members, allowing them to analyze each candidate’s responses.

How can you best use transcription during your interview process?