4 Ways Transcription Can Help Your Social Media Efforts

Social Media Marketing ArrayAre you using videos and podcasts in your social media campaigns? These are great tools to grow your audience, but if you do not have the audio transcribed, you are not getting the most mileage out of your assets.

Here are four ways that a transcript of your video or podcast can be used to help engage a larger audience:

1. Write an article for your blog or news release

Use some of the great material you presented in your video or podcast and repackage it as a blog post by pulling some or all of the information from the transcript. Simply cut and paste your way to more social media content. Or, use this same information to create a press release, news release, or content for your next newsletter.

Social media is all about engaging your audience and having conversations. Using a transcript will help you keep a conversational tone in your writing.

2.  Pull words and phrases for your marketing campaign

Some of the best slogans in advertising come from video presentations and newscasts. Take a transcript of the audio and look for the exact words or phrases spoken, and then put them to good use by incorporating them into your marketing efforts. Your next killer tagline might just be buried in audio that you already have. You can use that marketing gem to connect with your community.

3.  Allow your viewers and listeners to better absorb the information

Did you know that, on average, people grasp only around 50 percent of what they hear and after two days they can recall only 25 percent of what they heard? Studies show that these percentages hold true regardless of the situation or circumstance.

Make it easier on your viewers and listeners by offering them a transcript so that they can absorb and process the information. Plus, they can refer back to the transcript time and time again, which means they will return to your site time and time again.

4.  Save your audience time with a searchable transcript

Occasionally, a listener may need to find that pearl of wisdom from your media quickly. Since transcripts are text searchable, you can save them a lot of time by making a transcript available on your site. This is a great benefit for the time-starved executive or professional who would not ordinarily return to listen to your entire program again. Adding this convenience will make you a hero and keep them coming back for more.

Ready to get more mileage out of your social media video and audio assets? Have them transcribed and put the text to work for you.