Beta Testers Sought for IdeaScribe® Mobile Transcription App

TTE Transcripts Worldwide Seeks User Feedback

Chicago, Ill. March 12, 2013 – Are you away from a desk, or in the field for work or study? Could you utilize a transcription service to turn your recorded notes or interviews into typed documents for you? Do you use an Apple device? If so, you could qualify to Beta test a new transcription app. TTE Transcripts Worldwide, a leader in the rapidly growing transcription and translation industry, is seeking users of iOS mobile devices to serve as beta testers for the next generation of TTE’s powerful IdeaScribe® App. The application delivers mobile voice capture and upload at the touch of a button for people whose work or study means they are on the go — requiring written transcription of information.

IdeaScribe’s recording versatility makes the app an ideal tool for users in a variety of industries where recording and reporting is critically important but sometimes inconvenient. Journalists and writers, business executives, insurance claims investigators, crime scene investigators, sales and marketing professionals, healthcare professionals, attorneys, and students can all utilize the app on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

“The first time I used the app, it allowed me to highly leverage my time,” said IdeaScribe user Terence Thompson, CEO PCT Engineered Systems. “I completed international trade show note dictations and sent them for transcription from Europe. The typed transcriptions were finished before I returned on my flight. What a great time saving tool!”

The regular cost of the app from the App store is $2.99, which includes $30.00 of free transcription, but interested Beta testers will download the app, then receive $122.99 worth of free transcription services, to be used within 90 days. There are a limited number of Beta opportunities for qualified users, and interested testers should email, with the subject line: BETA Test.

Customers currently use IdeaScribe in their daily work to maximize their efficiency and improve their overall productivity. The app improves the user’s ability to focus on what’s being communicated to them by eliminating their need to take notes, allowing them to record important ideas, and have them transcribed with a 99.5 percent accuracy service guarantee — the highest in the transcription industry.

Users simply record interviews, presentations, lectures, meetings, or personal dictation with IdeaScribe, then press one button to upload the audio file to TTE for transcription. Users can choose the turnaround speed they need for their document to be delivered back to them: 6 to 8 hours or less, 12 hours or less, 24 hours, 48 hours, and 3 to 5 business days. Prices for transcription vary, depending upon turnaround time. IdeaScribe requires iOS 4.1 or higher. For more information, visit the TTE website or iTunes App Store or the IdeaScribe
page on the TTE website.

About TTE Transcripts Worldwide

Founded in 1986, TTE Transcripts Worldwide is a leader in the rapidly growing transcription and translation industry and a certified woman-owned business. The company provides transcription, translation, court reporting, closed-captioning, and editorial services to Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and a wide range of companies in the service sector, as well as small businesses and individuals. The IdeaScribe® App puts the power of mobile capture and transcription upload in the hands of Apple mobile (iOS) device users, and TTE guarantees a 99.5 percent accuracy – the highest in the transcription services industry. For more information, visit

Terry Thompson
President & CEO