TTE Transcripts Worldwide, Ltd. hosts Vistage chapter meeting and guest speaker economist Brian Beaulieu

CHICAGO, IL – March 2009 – Terry Thompson, President and CEO of TTE Transcripts Worldwide, Ltd., recently hosted her monthly Vistage International chapter meeting. The guest speaker was Brian Beaulieu, who has been an economist at the Institute for Trend Research in Concord, New Hampshire since 1982. Beaulieu has also been the Institute’s Executive Director since 1987. During his 27 years at the Institute for Trend Research, he has engaged in business cycle and trend analysis, as well as applied and fundamental research.

Beaulieu spoke on positioning your company to be able to prosper through the economic downturn, a very timely subject for Thompson and the other executives in attendance. “The outlook is sobering, but there is opportunity,” Thompson says. “I was challenged to think outside of the box and be creative when it comes to growing my business in order to not just survive but thrive during this economic downturn.”

More than 30 Vistage members and guests attended the February 18th meeting, which was held at the Vistage International Midwest Regional Office in Rosemont. An organization dedicated to coming alongside successful executives who want to excel professionally and personally, Vistage International has been helping executives improve their leadership skills and take their businesses to the next level of success since 1957. Thompson has been a member since 2008. “I love the feedback, information, encouragement, and accountability I get with the Vistage community and resources,” says Thompson.

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Terry Thompson
President and CEO