Medical transcription

When transcribing text for a medical audience—doctors, nurses, hospitals—accuracy is paramount. TTE’s 99.5% accuracy guarantee results in an average of three or four fewer errors per page, which can literally make all the difference when dealing with life and health. Our expert staff is educated in medical terminology to ensure the proper language is used at all times; because each transcriptionist is also a trained editor, your accurate transcription is executed in a cost-efficient manner. TTE uses only U.S.-based transcriptionists and proofreaders.For medical professionals, speed and convenience can be just as important as accuracy. Within a short timeframe of your choosing (often as quickly as three hours), you can retrieve an encrypted transcription file directly from your PC. This can be invaluable in time-sensitive matters. Having a complete history is invaluable to ensuring a smooth start of care, as well as a timely discharge. And TTE delivers 24/7/365, so you can expect prompt and reliable service, even on off-hours, weekends and holidays.

TTE is also fluent in the language of case management. We transcribe case notes, interviews and patient charts for those professionals entrusted with critical information. Our services help case managers reduce the amount of time trying to manually type notes from conversations, freeing them up to do what they do best. And the ability to deliver transcriptions electronically means a mobile case manager can retrieve information from both home and the office.

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