When one letter could make a difference between "million" and "billion," accuracy matters.

TTE Transcripts’ golden 99.5% transcription accuracy exceeds transcription industry standards. The correct words documented well – it’s good for business.

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A golden accuracy rate exceeding the transcription industry standard. Experienced transcriptionists deftly transcribing audio to turn speech into text. Skilled professionals proofreading software-generated transcripts. Expert translators communicating vital information. A personal touch for every project. Companies trust TTE Transcripts to tailor transcription and translation solutions for maximum impact and success.

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Bring your captioning, translation, or transcription project to life with our savvy team of transcriptionists, proofreaders, translators, and project coordinators. Each transcribed project reflects a strong, accurate understanding and discernment of language, context, speaker accents, and dialect. Whether we’re working with original audio files to transcribe from start to finish or proofreading an AI-generated transcript you send us, the finished document expertly and accurately reflects the spoken words. Our multi-level proofing process results in client-focused excellence exceeding industry accuracy standards. And as your deadlines become our deadlines, each transcript is successfully finished when you need it with our convenient 3-4, 6-8, 12, 24, and 48-hour turnaround times.

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“As a teleconferencing company, we often book events with minimal advance notice or with an accelerated turnaround time requirement. TTE’s flexibility easily accommodates those requests, even when we already have scheduled a full roster of transcripts. The team at TTE consistently produces a dependable, high-quality document that doesn’t require subsequent editing and 'cleaning' we’ve experienced with other vendors. TTE’s professional acumen and high accuracy standard saves us valuable time, particularly when our volume reaches intensity, and allows us to deliver transcripts with confidence.”


“Working in Public Relations/Advertising, I have found myself needing transcription services several times. Without a doubt, TTE has been the easiest and fastest transcription service I have used to date. They are always professional and reliable, and I would recommend them to anybody in need.”


“TTE has been our primary provider of financial earnings transcripts for well over a decade. TTE has always provided exemplary service, fulfilling the needs of all companies across the wide range of industries we work with. Beyond providing exceptional service, TTE has always been a pleasure to work with. Terry and her team go above and beyond all reasonable expectations to meet our needs.”

Market Research

“As a large market research firm we do many phone interviews on deeply technical subjects. Working with TTE is simple – drop the recording in their upload page and request a specific turnaround time and accuracy level. We routinely request 48-hour or 72-hour turnarounds with 99.5% accuracy. The transcriptions are emailed to us on time without fail, with the desired accuracy, and for a very reasonable fee. Even when the audio quality is not ideal, when speakers have heavy accents, or when the subject matter is extremely technical, the transcript is always highly useful.”

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