Why Choose TTE

Who We Are

TTE Transcripts Worldwide has been working closely with clients to understand their unique business needs and deliver results in the transcription and translation arena for more than three decades. With the company’s roots in audio publishing and subsequent growth into other areas such as legal, telecommunications, IT, engineering, and finance, our knowledge is both broad and deep. We’re continually adding to that knowledge base to provide stellar expertise and service for our clients. Ongoing training and education for our staff is a top priority, as well as privacy protections. TTE is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU 2016/679).

What Makes TTE Unique

Being a great partner means caring about your goals, paying attention to details, valuing information security, and making your job easier. And it is also how we steadfastly go the extra mile and work hard in every project we do for satisfied clients and satisfying results.

Attention to Detail

We keep up to date in your industry and learn your company lingo. Our team of typists, proofreaders, and editors use a multi-step proofing process for transcript excellence.

And it is in the details where accuracy goes a long way. Our golden accuracy of 99.5% exceeds industry standards. Imagine the difference “million” and “billion” could make in a financial report. Or what it would mean to a reader if instead of “byte” an IT document read “bite.” Paying attention to that one-letter difference is what we do – and it’s that time taken for the extra 1.5% accuracy for the golden standard of a 99.5% accuracy rate that is part of what sets TTE apart.

Information Security

Based in the U.S. with clients worldwide, we took special notice of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU 2016/679) adopted on April 4, 2016, by the European Union and are GDPR compliant. From our first conversation with a client to audio streaming to a project’s completion and delivery, TTE uses a variety of technical, operational, and organizational measures, methods, processes, and procedures to protect client data and privacy.

Strategic Partner

Outsourcing transcription and translation makes your job easier. Knowing a transcript will be available after the meeting means you can focus on engaging with people and ideas as you jot down key points. TTE offers both audio transcription and transcript proofreading. Having a reliable source for a translator on a project-by-project basis just when you need it can help keep the budget on track. And when you need both translation and transcription on the same project, partnering with TTE streamlines the process for efficiency and accuracy.

  • Have ongoing transcription needs and want a dedicated transcription services company for you and your clients? TTE professionally transcribes audio from start to finish.
  • Conducting article or book background interviews using your own AI software? We’ll expertly save you time with our excellent proofreading services to make sure crucial interview details are captured.
  • Taking advantage of a video conferencing platforms’ transcription feature for your team meetings, company webinar, or customer interviews and testimonials? You can trust TTE to proofread the generated transcript for communication precision and clarity.

High accuracy standards in written records mean clearer communication. With TTE’s quality transcripts you can quickly and easily read through the document to get the information you need. And, our transcript turnaround times of 3-4, 6-8, 12, 24, or 48-hours are convenient for your scheduling and project demands so that you stay on task and on time.