We built our business on prompt and precise transcription services. TTE provides you with a thorough, accurate record of your meeting, allowing you to focus on the conversation while we capture every word. Our voice–capture technology allows the transfer of words from a phone tie–in or audio upload on the Web. We can even customize transcripts for specific audiences.An outsourced transcription service provides you with many benefits. Written records reduce misunderstandings and drive your message home quickly. It’s a lifesaver for the time–starved professional, as well as a cost–effective means of keeping records.These services come with a 99.5% accuracy guarantee that includes customized research and references, 24/7 customer service, a dedicated TTE contact, multilevel proofreading, and complete confidentiality. Based on your needs, we also offer turnaround times of 3, 6-8, 12, 24 or 48 hours.
We offer transcription services for: We regularly work in the following industries:
• Conference calls
• Analyst and investor relations calls
• Earnings reports
• Webcasts, webinars & podcasts
• Videoconferences
• Presentations
• Lectures & seminars
• Staff meetings
• Investigative interviews & hearings
• Press conferences
• Focus groups
• Medical & Case Management
• Banking & finance
• Pharmaceutical
• Communications & technology
• PR & media
• Event production
• Film & video production
• Audio production
• Government & local authorities
• Law enforcement
• Human resource consulting