“When I’m on a tight deadline, TTE Transcripts Worldwide delivers a high quality, accurate transcript. I’ve used TTE for several years now, and their quick turnaround and customer service are excellent.”
—Rich S, Corporate Marketing, Fortune 500 Company
“I have been quite impressed with the transcriptions that TTE has been doing for us these past years. In fact, I’m now finding that you are either learning our “space lingo” or looking up terms on your own. Passages where I expect to find phonetic spellings are spelled correct. My compliments.”
—NASA JPL Executive
“In addition to the accuracy of TTE’s transcripts, I continue to be impressed with their rapid turnaround. TTE consistently exceeds my expectations in terms of speed and accuracy.”
—Jeff, Technology Publication Editor–in–Chief
“The transcript has already been sent to my supervisor, my client, and a reporter on a deadline, making me a little bit of a hero. Thanks to everyone who pulled together to get this done during business hours today.”
“Just a quick note.. whoever did this did a remarkable job on the transcription and punctuation, almost publication quality. They also did it in just 3 hours which is amazing all by itself. Thanks for doing such a great job.”
—Managing Editor, Corporate Linux
“Accurate transcription is essential when developing documentation covering our customers’ business strategies, processes, and implementations. TTE Transcripts consistently provides us with very high quality transcriptions.”
“TTE has always come through for us regardless of whether the job is large or small, or includes language translations. TTE turns around jobs quickly, efficiently—and most importantly—accurately.”
“Great work on a transcript of a speaker with a heavy accent covering technical content.”
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